Office of Youth Protection and Programming

The University of Southern California is committed to providing safe environments and meaningful experiences for minors participating in university-run or -affiliated camps, programs, activities and events, and in a manner that aligns with our Unifying Values of Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Well-being, Open Communication, and Accountability.

To support this commitment, the Office of Youth Protection and Programming oversees and promotes compliance with the university’s youth protection policies and applicable laws, and serves as a centralized resource for all who engage with minors at the university by providing guidance and support on matters related to youth protection.  

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All employees and individuals working with minors are required to complete youth protection trainings designed to create safer environments for minors at USC.


Individuals working in covered activities must first undergo and clear the required background screening before working directly with minors.


Safeguarding minors is a shared responsibility. Learn what steps to take if you suspect child abuse or neglect, or any other serious incidents or violations relating to minors.

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USC has established a set of policies that must be reviewed before conducting youth camps, programs, activities or events.


Access resources designed to help support the safety and well-being of minors, including those participating in youth camps, programs, activities and events.


Read about our office, staff, and how we promote the protection of minors at USC. 

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